Greentech Environmental Solutions GambiaSEED Awards 2011 Winner
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Women Group Support

GreenTech has been collaborating with women groups for sensitisation, training and the establishment of salespoints, as women are the primary beneficiaries of the introduction of fuel efficient stoves and alternative fuels. They usually manage and operate the household kitchens, but often do not have the financial decision making mandate. Donations help to overcome the barrier of the first investment in stoves and briquettes, until the remaining family members can be convinced of the advantages of the innovation. Women groups are often well organised and offer a favourable structure for self help projects and cooperate management of sales and distribution. Providing them a first stock of stoves and briquettes for retail sales can help them to establish their independently operated salespoint, which generates income and improves the accessibility to the resources, whilst they are controlling the retail margin. The donation works in a similar scheme as the stove donation, but with several stoves given to several women (shortlisted by the group itself) and a sensitisation, training and distribution held in form of a workshop. If you would like to help a women group, please contact [email protected].