Greentech Environmental Solutions GambiaSEED Awards 2011 Winner
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Visit by the Minister at GreenTech

On the 24th of August 2011, representatives of the Ministry of Forestry and the Environment, as well as representatives of the Department of Forestry, visited GreenTech for a tour of the production plant, witnessing the briquette pressing machine in operation and observing a demonstration of the use of briquettes in the latest design of fuel efficient stoves.

The delegation was lead by Honorable Minister of Forestry and the Environment, Mr. Jato S. Sillah and the Permanent Secretary, Mr. Kebba Sonko, together with the Director of Forestry, Mr. Abdouley Sanneh and the Regional Forest Officer, Mr. Ousainou Cham. Also present was the Managing Director of Zenith Bank, Mr. Emeka.

The tour was guided by the Managing Director of GreenTech, Mr. Anthony Tabbal, narrating about the background of the project and technical details about the production. Briquettes were lit in a Rocket Stove to demonstrate the comfortable and economic use of GreenTech’s briquettes. The visitors expressed their congratulations over the successful project, which will not only save forests, but also contribute to livelihood improvement. Honorable Minister Jato Sillah encouraged the Management of GreenTech to remain their determinations, as he is aware of the hurdles they had to take to achieve such a productive outcome.

The Managing Director of GreenTech, Mr. Anthony Tabbal, handed over a fuel efficient Rocket Stove to the Minister, who in return placed immediately an order of 100kg of briquettes, to introduce the new cooking unit to his home. The event was observed by diverse local newspapers and the local TV service GRTS.

Note: GreenTech offers tours of the plant and the demonstration of the briquette/stove unit every Wednesday, 11am to all interested institutions and individuals. Please contact GreenTech per E-mail or phone for details.