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Visit by H.E. Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara to GreenTech

H.E. Jawara visits GreenTech

H.E. Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara visits GreenTech and receives a starter bag of briquettes with the fuel efficient stove "Forno Anchu"

The Former President of The Gambia H.E. Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara visited the GreenTech plant with Lady Chillel and three grandchildren to witness the production process of groundnutshell briquettes and their use in specially designed fuel efficient stoves. Over a cup of freshly brewed lemongrass tea

from the briquette stove for all visitors, the MD of GreenTech explained the background, purpose and capacity of the project. Further on, he guided the visitors for a tour of the plant, illustrating use of briquettes with a short visit to the adjacent Green Mamba Garden Restaurant, which serves as a sample site, as all outdoor cooking is performed with briquettes in fuel efficient stoves.

The former president and his family expressed their fullest appreciation about the initiative of GreenTech Company, as the provision and efficient use of fuel briquettes will contribute to save trees and improve livelihoods, especially for women. The visit by the former president was a great honor to the management of GreenTech, as H.E. Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara published the Banjul Declaration in 1977, a fundamental document for environmental protection in The Gambia. GreenTech also expressed their gratitude to the current government, who continues the environmental efforts and provides a suitable atmosphere for environmentally oriented businesses. Also the presence of the grandchildren was highly commended, as this project is not only made to serve the current, but also the future generations, as climate change consequences will affect them even more than us today. The MD of GreenTech thanked the delegation for their visit and handed over a “Forno Anchu”, the fuel efficient stove for household cooking, and a “starter bag” of briquettes, after demonstrating the tips and tricks of using the briquettes in the stove for best efficiency.

GreenTech plant, located behind the Tourism Security Unit in Kololi,  is open for demonstrations for interested visitors every Wednesday, 11am.