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Visit by Buscant Llavors

Beginning of May, GreenTech Company Ltd received a visitor from Buscant Llavors, a Sustainable World Initiative, based in Spain. When reaching The Gambia, Itziar Bardaji Goikoetxea has been travelling Africa for four months already, looking at best practices by visiting multiple projects, which are determined to contribute to sustainable development. GreenTech had been contacted end of last year to host the explorer on the last leg of her first series of project visits. As the representative of Buscant Llavors proved a sound understanding and interest of sustainable projects in developing countries, it was a fruitful exchange of ideas and experiences between GreenTech Company Ltd and Buscant Llavors initiative. Buscant Llavors captured GreenTech’s projects, visions and ideas with pictures, videos and interviews to be broadcasted through the English webpage of the initiative and their Facebook website. GreenTech wishes the team of Buscant Llavors best of luck on their global mission and for their next series of project visits, which will take them to South America.