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Treeplanting in return for Donations initiated


Donation Kerr Sering
A private initiative donated three fuel efficient stoves, briquettes and seedlings to a women group of Kerr Sering

A private initiative from Krefeld, Germany, donated  stoves, starter bags of briquettes and mature
seedlings to Haddy Drammeh, Adji Banja and Hadiatou Jallow of the “Takku Liggey” women self support group.

As it was the first donation including treeplanting, Mr. Modoulamin Kinteh, the President of Friends for Nature The Gambia, who also owns and manages a tree nursery, explained the use of trees and demonstrated hands on, how to plant and protect the seedling.

Tree Planting Kerr Sering

Mr. Kinteh demonstrates tree planting

The treeplanting is on one hand a symbol of “giving back”, as the trees have global meaning in the efforts of climate change mitigation. At the other hand the trees will  be of good use for the families, who take care of them as they provide shade, protect the soil from erosion and the families will be able to use the leaves, nuts, fruits, bark or branches for their daily needs and as products on the market.

GreenTech, Friends of Nature The Gambia and the women group cordially thank the initiative for their generous gesture.

If you would also like to donate a fuel efficient stove and a starter bag of briquettes for GMD 400 (about 10 Euro), respectively add a seedling and its protection for GMD 200
(about 5 Euro) please contact GreenTech management per e-mail
([email protected]) or call 00220-6662622.