Greentech Environmental Solutions GambiaSEED Awards 2011 Winner
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The Green Mamba Garden Lounge

The Green Mamba Garden Lounge is a splendid restaurant in Kololi/Senegambia, the main tourism area of The Gambia. Part of the concept is the unique oriental wok buffet, where dishes are prepared on an outdoor fireplace right in front of the customers – and this is where the idea of producing and using briquette in fuel efficient stoves was born.

Today the wok buffet serves as a successful cooperate sample and training site, located adjacent to the GreenTech production plant. The Green Mamba Garden is under the same ownership as GreenTech Co. Ltd. and has always been committed to sustainable development, i.e. through prioritizing and promoting local products and services, providing training to unskilled workers, promoting local arts and culture. Thus the Green Mamba Garden Lounge was also among GreenTech’s partners receiving the Award for the 2011 SEED Initiative.

Contact Details for Green Mamba Garden Lounge:

  1. Contact person: Anthony Tabbal, General Manager
  2. Phone: 00220-7811118
  3. E-mail: [email protected]
  4. webpage:
  5. Postal address: Box 464, PO Banjul, The Gambia, Westafrica