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The Charity Extension: GreenTech Vision

The idea of GreenTech Vision originates from the charitable social and environmental efforts of GreenTech Company Ltd, which had to be separated from the private business, due to their increasing dimension.

Founders of GreenTech Vision realised that, despite availability of affordable environmental solutions, especially the less privileged population of The Gambia does not find access to these solutions, notwithstanding their convincing financial, social and environmental advantages.

Therefore GreenTech Vision sees the need for more promotion, sensitisation, improved service and financial support to provide more knowledge and incentives, especially for the under-privileged to overcome the barrier of trying sustainable solutions to mitigate environmental challenges.

Thus GreenTech Vision was registered in the Gambia as CBO 329/2012 in August 2012 and will apply for NGO status in August 2014.

If you would like to support GreenTech Vision in cash, kind or as a volunteer, please see details below or contact [email protected].

For more details, please download the pdf file on back ground.