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Stove Donation to Green Mamba Staff

Donation Juma

Juma Sow receives the donation by four Dutch tourists from GreenTech staff

In February, two staff from the Green Mamba Garden Lounge, waiter Juma Sowe and bartender Jainaba Corr, were awarded by the Dutch tourists John, Lies, Esta and Karin with a fuel efficient stove and a starter bag of briquettes. This gift means a lot more than a tip to the staff, as it will help them and their family continuously to save finances and their beautiful forest resources. As the Green Mamba Garden restaurant is the training and sample site for fuel efficient stoves and groundnutshell briquettes, the staff is well aware of the advantages. The management of GreenTech and Green Mamba thanks the visitors for the generous gesture, which will contribute to improve the livelihoods of the two families and also have a global impact in the efforts of climate change mitigation.

If you would also like to donate a fuel efficient stove and a starter bag of briquettes for GMD 400 (about 10 Euro), please contact GreenTech management per e-mail ([email protected]) or cal 00220-6662622.