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Stove and briquette donation picks up

GreenTech Donation Scheme

Anette Andersen and Gert Hansen donate fuel efficient stoves and briquettes to Haja and Jabi from Kotu-South

As the third visiting couple, Anette Andersen and Gert Hansen from Denmark, donated two fuel efficient stoves and briquettes to needy families. Haja and Jabi from Kotu South gratefully received the donation. The danish couple was impressed to witness that even the poor in developing countries try their best to mitigate climate change. Donating a fuel efficient stove and a starter bag of briquettes will enable the beneficiaries even more to save their forest, as the initial investment of only 400 GMD (about 10 Euro) is difficult to overcome for some people. Once in use, the innovative cooking unit usually advertises itself through its convincing advantages for the user and the surrounding community. Hence, this donation might have significant impact, once neighbours, relatives and friends of Haja and Jabi witness how much resources and emissions can be saved. GreenTech Management are grateful for every donation, as it helps to overcome the initial indecision of potential users, who can now start saving trees and mitigating climate change before it is too late. After all, the combined use of fuel efficient stove and groundnutshell briquettes instead of traditional cooking settings, will provide Haja and Jabi with more comfort and save them finances, which they can now rather use for educational or health matters.

Anyone interested to sponsor a stove and a starter bag of briquettes for 400 GMD (about 10 Euro), please contact  GreenTech Management through this webpage or [email protected], phone: ++220-6662622.