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SEED Award in-country workshop

SEED WS FacilitatorFrom the 23.-24. of April 2012 the SEED Initiative provided a capacity building workshop for GreenTech and partners. The workshop was part of a support package, following the winning of the 2011 SEED Award for GreenTech as an outstanding
social and environmental  start-up enterprise, working in close collaboration with diverse NGOs, women groups and  governmental institutions. The international  SEED Award
by UNDP/UNEP and IUCN was given to 35 initiatives worldwide and for the
first time also to a Gambian enterprise.
SEED Advisor Cosima Strasser guided the participants through an enriching workshop program

The workshop was opened by Mr. Ebrima Darboe, Principal Assistant Secretary Ministry of Forestry and the Environment,

who praised the determination and success of GreenTech and its partners, working towards sustainable environmental solutions. In a similar vein, Mr. Peter Mendy, Energy Officer of the Ministry for Energy, commended GreenTech in his closing statement on the venture’s efforts to contribute to sustainable development under the aspect of livelihood improvement for the poor, especially the women.

Since July 2011 GreenTech Company Ltd has been producing fuel briquettes from groundnutshells and promotes highly compatible fuel efficient stoves, which can be used for cooking and heating purposes for households and industries. Providing a true alternative to firewood and charcoal, GreenTech provides first of all the opportunity to
protect the remaining forest cover and to mitigate climate change. Further, the
innovative cooking unit saves the users time, efforts and finances.

The workshop was attended by representatives of  the School Agriculture and Food Managment Unit of the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, Hands on Care/Ngyania Killing Support Society, Green Mamba Garden Restaurant and Green Mamba Experience, Consumer Action Group and Friends for Nature The Gambia among others.

Cosima Strasser, SEED Advisor, facilitated the workshop and guided the participants through an enriching agenda of lectures and exercises for sustainable business development and partnership management.

SEED Tour of the Plant

Tour of the GreenTech plant for workshop participants and media

The participants expressed their
appreciation for the enhancement and elaborated plans to continue the
networking initiative. The SEED Initiative will further provide remote
consultative support through the advisor and monitor the progress of the endeavor.

The workshop was rounded up with a tour of the plant for participants and the media.

The advisor also took the chance
after the first workshop day to visit Takku Liggey Women Self Support Group, who benefits from  GreenTech’s donation scheme by.

SEED Takku Liggey Women Group

Cosima Strasser visits Takku Liggey Women Group in Kerr Sering