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School Poster Competition

Sanyang LBS presented a well rounded up exhibition of selected posters

Alongside the briquette demonstrations and testings in 20 schools in cooperation with the School Agriculture Unit under the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education (MoBSE), GreenTech was undertaking a poster competition on “Causes of Climate Change”, to enhance environmental education and to integrate the students in the demonstration and testing events at the 20 schools in December 2012/January 2013.

The poster competition was announced to all participating schools with the announcement of the demonstration and testing event. Thus arts and science teachers could work with students of all grades to develop their posters to be exposed the day of the demonstration.

Winner of Bundung LBS planting his lemon tree in the school garden

Thus the school would pre-select pictures from all grades and one winner was chosen and awarded at each school at the end of the demonstration and testing event. The criteria for the poster evaluation according to age was not only based on the beauty of the picture, but also the clarity of message and the authenticity. The 20 winning  students  received a fuel efficient household stove and a bag of briquettes, a certificate and a tree with a tree guard to be planted and taken care of at the school grounds.At the recent school activity validation workshop the finalist of the poster competition were announced and awarded with an extra stove and a bag of briquettes for their families.

The final winners were:

1st Prize: Bubacarr Drammeh, Sanyang Lower Basic School, Grade 3


Final winner of the poster competition


2nd Prize: Sarjo Kanyi, Bakoteh Proper Lower Basic School, Grade 5

Runner up in poster competition

3rd Prize: Fatoumatta Jobarteh, Sukuta Lower Basic School, Grade 3

3rd finalist in poster competition

The participating students of all schools were commended for their efforts and work well done. It was extremely difficult to chose the winners and finalists among the large amount of beautiful and touching artwork. GreenTech staff was especially impressed by the participation of GOVI school for the blind, who came up with coloured sensory pictures, which one could feel by touch.

Volunteer at GOVI School explaining the artwork presented by the blind students

As the collected posters shall not remain in a box, but the messages shall be broadcasted to other students and the public in general, GreenTech Company is now looking for funds to create, posters, calendar, booklets, etc.

Already during the exhibition of posters on the school grounds, it could be observed, what an excellent tool these drawings were for environmental communication from student to student.

Thus, it is also planned to exhibit the drawings of the 20 best winners in diverse locations. Currently the pictures can be admired at the plant of GreenTech Company Ltd in Kololli, right behind the TSU.

Individuals and institutions wishing support the processing of the artwork for further exhibitions and environmental awareness raising material, please contact the management of GreenTech Company Ltd through [email protected]

Already at the school grounds the effectiveness of student-to-student communication on climate change through artwork could be observed