Greentech Environmental Solutions GambiaSEED Awards 2011 Winner
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GreenTech is a private business response to the actual poverty situation, the up-winding energy crises and the environmental challenges in The Gambia. The company will first of all supply affordable high quality fuel briquettes for cooking and heating to a high diversity of industries and households, whilst supporting international and national strategies and targets for sustainable environmental and social development. GreenTech focuses on pro-poor and environmentally friendly products, production and marketing strategies with high potential of extension and diversification.

Fuel Briquettes

The currently produced fuel briquettes consist purely of groundnutshells which would have been dumped as waste otherwise. These biomass briquettes are made for cooking and heating on household level as well as for restaurants, commercial food processing or other industries using heat in their production process.
GreenTech is using heavy duty machines from C F Nielsen of Denmark who are world leaders in the manufacturing of briquetting presses.

Energy Saving Stoves

GreenTech supports the invention and marketing of locally made energy saving stoves, which make GreenTech briquettes even more efficient and convenient to handle, as they provide strong and constant heat, whilst using less fuel than the traditional cooking settings.thus the new generation of stoves will save the customer’s time, money and natural resources . The energy saving stoves imitate the traditional cooking stove and are simple to handle. Additional isolation allows best energy efficiency whilst a smart air stream system improves the combustion process and minimizes visible smoke emission.

LuminAID Solar Lights

The use of solar lights instead of candles or kerosene lamps reduces the fire risks and even safes household expenses. LUMINAID Solar Lights are innovative and high quality lighting solutions for diverse sectors. The advantage of the inflatable solar light over common solar lights:

The LuminAID solar powered lantern packs extremely light and provides up to 16 hours of diffused light when inflated. Initially designed to fulfill basic needs for light in
disaster situations, the LuminAID is waterproof, can float, and is affordable. It is a valuable addition to any camping trip, adventure or home emergency kit.