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Individual Stove donations

GTV Donation Info web 2014

The investment of 450 GMD (less than 10 Euro) for a locally made stove, seems to be a barrier for many households to try the innovative cooking unit, even though it can pay off in domestic fuel savings within four weeks for the average household. Following, a household of twelve, cooking twice a day, can easily save up to 12,000 GMD/year (about 250 Euro, more than half of the average per capita income), when switching from traditional charcoal cooking.

Experience shows, that the start-up barrier is mostly not a matter of the cost for the stove itself, but understanding of financial management and planning, respectively spending priorities and mandates within the households.

Once a trained user is using the innovative cooking unit and understands the economic and environmental advantages, the incentive to remain its operation is high, as it is providing the family with savings of time and finances that could then rather be used for health and education matters. At a price of 6 GMD/kg (about 12 cent)

further supply of GreenTech’s groundnutshell briquettes are well affordable.

As a grassroot approach, this solution is convincing through its efficiency in simplicity. Innovative, but not too far from current cooking habits, it catches the attention of all generations.

Therefore, GreenTech developed an individual donation scheme, helping needy families stove by stove. If you would like to support an individual family, please contact us under [email protected]. For more information on the background and our stove donation scheme, please see pdf.