Greentech Environmental Solutions GambiaSEED Awards 2011 Winner
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GreenTech Product Launching

GreenTech Product Launching 11/2011

Handing over of sample Stove and Briquettes to PS of MoTIRIE, Honourable Mrs. Barry

Beginning of November, GreenTech officially launched its products: groundnutshell briquettes and specially designed fuel efficient stoves. In combination this innovative cooking unit is a grass root approach to mitigate environmental challenges and improve livelihoods efficiently  in multiple ways:

  • Saving forest, as groundnutshell briquettes form an affordable alternative to firewood and charcoal;
  • Reducing CO2 Emission, as the fuel efficient stove reduces the overall fuel consumption;
  • Managing and recycling waste, as the briquettes are pressed from groundnutshells dumped near the decoating site;
  • Protecting family health, as the combined setting causes less smoke during the cooking process than firewood;
  • Saving finances, as the combined cooking setting can save easily 60% of fuel costs compared to traditional charcoal cooking and the stove pays of within less than a months for the average cooking unit;
  • Saving efforts and time, especially for women, as the briquettes are fast to light and  easy to handle, store and transport.

Groundnutshell briquettes are 100% natural, with no added chegreentech stovesmicals  The compactness is achieved through heat and pressure only. The fuel efficient cooking stoves are a combination of the Rocket Stove and the Gasifier Stove, designed by GreenTech and made by local welder men from recycled metal for very affordable prices.

They are produced in three commonly used sizes: for catering and parties ( Forno Mam Iffi), household (Forno Anchu)  and attaya brewing (Forno Susso).

GreenTech’s Cooking unit was compared in a test to the traditional cooking settings, showing the clear advantages of saving resources, time and effort. The program was rounded up with a tour of the production plant and an informal open forum for media and individuals to exchange further ideas and information.

GreenTech Stove Comparison

GreenTech tested the Forno Anchu with fuel briquettes against traditional cooking settings with firewood and charcoal

GreenTech tour for launching

Visitors had the chance for atour of the GreenTech plant to witness production process and capacity


The occasion was graced with encouraging and touching speeches by representatives from the Ministry of Forestry and the Environment, Ministry/Department of Energy, Ministry of Trade, Industries, Regional Integration and Employment and The Gambian Investment and Export Promotion Agency and GreenTech staff. Further present were representatives of the US Embassy, Senegalese Embassy, Media, religious leaders, diverse Departments, NGOs, CBOs and individuals.