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GreenTech attends Green Africa Conference in Sandele Eco Lodge


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Green Africa Conference at the Sandele Eco Lodge, 12.-18.04.2012

GreenTech attended the Green Africa Conference on Sustainability at the Sandele Lodge in Kartong, The Gambia, from April 15th-18th. Over 70 participants attended the enriching programm over four days. Latest trends of environmental challenges and potential solutions were presented and discussed by representatives of NGOs, governemntal institutions and private enterprises, striving forward to develop sustainable strategies, technologies and policies.


The Managing Director of GreenTech presents GreenTech’s endeavour towards sustainable development

Also GreenTech was invited to present its environmental solutions in a presentation, demonstration and exhibition of the groundnutshell briquettes and fuel efficient stoves. The simple, but highly efficient grassroot solution was greatly appreciated by the audience. Up to now, GreenTech receives visitors at the weekly demonstrations, who got to know about GreenTech and its endeavours at the Green Africa Conference.

GreenTech highly commends the efforts taken by the organisers of the conference, as it proved to have a positive impact for several of the participants within weeks, taking action immediately. Thank you Green Africa Conference!