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Main Project 2013/2014

Main Project 2013/2014

In December 2013 GreenTech Vision received a grant from the Global Environmental Facility’s Small Grants Program of UNDP to implement a project in the communities of Tanji, Sanyang and Gunjur. The Project was titled “Introducing fuel briquettes, fuel efficient stoves and alternative fish smoking technologies to Fishing Villages in The Gambia”. The project builds up on experiences gained in previous development activities undertaken by  GreenTech staff. The communities therefore benefited from diverse activities, such as welding workshops for the production of fuel efficient stoves, the establishment and equipment of distribution points for briquettes and stoves, drama training for internal sensitisation on environmental matters, tree planting and the development of briquette compatible technologies for fish smokers, restaurants and bakeries. Thus, briquettes, fuel efficient stoves and technical solutions for fish smoking, bread baking and restaurants are now available within the communities of Tanji, Sanyang and Gunjur. The project ended in July 2014 and GreenTech Vision is now looking for support to extend the project to more communities. Interested communities and donors can contact GreenTech Vision under [email protected] for more details.

Summarised Activities of GreenTech Vision Year 1