Greentech Environmental Solutions GambiaSEED Awards 2011 Winner
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As GreenTech Vision is the charity arm of a start-up company, it is deeply depending on external support in form of cash, kind and volunteer work. Whilst supporting communities, women groups, families, schools and tree planting activities, GreenTech Vision also needs to improve its own structures. Following needs have been identified:

  • Stoves and briquettes need to be supplied to institutions or individuals, who cannot afford a trial of the innovation. Donations and subsidies to lower the price would accelerate the introduction on the market, as the first investment barrier will be lowered.
  • Sensitisation, Demonstration and User Training is essential to raise public awareness on environmental matters and their potential and available solutions, respectively
  • Independently operated sales points need to be established in the community to improve access to the innovations and to create income in the communities. Besides a first stock of briquettes and stoves, the sales points would need equipment, such as scales, wheelbarrows, shelves, table, chair, cash box, stationary, etc. and training in sales, marketing and book keeping for the sales point operator;
  • Transportation is essential for the access to the innovations, as most potential users cannot afford transportation for themselves. Thus, a medium size delivery vehicle (van or small truck), fuel, bicycles for active cooperation members in the communities and transport cost for volunteers on fieldwork are needed to create better services to and interaction with  and within the communities. Currently, volunteers’ private vehicles are used or transportation is hired on need, which impacts flexibility, creates dependency or is often not cost-efficient;
  • Communication, including mobile phones, sim cards and phone credits for volunteers and cooperating community members will help to accelerate activities and ifficiency;
  • Office and office equipment for volunteers will support the institutionalisation of the charity All volunteers are currently undertaking all administrative work and reporting from their home bases, whilst planning meetings are hosted open air in the Green Mamba Garden Restaurant. The laptops in use are private contributions from volunteers or second hand donations. It would be much more effective efficient, if an office with at least three work units and a small meeting room was established as fixed institution with its own library and project documentation centre. GreenTech Company would provide the land. Office equipment is partly available and sufficient for the start-up of an office.
  • Full time staff: Working with volunteers and internships is enriching and the volunteers’ contribution is highly laudable. However, our committed long term volunteers would surely deserve the promotion to a full time staff, which would also provide more consistency for the institution and projects. Once an office is established, a secretary/receptionist would be employed as a general contact person and coordinator on site at fixed hours. Further staff, such as field workers, project coordinators and drivers would be added according to project intensity.

Training is essential to keep our staff and volunteers up to date and to enhance their skills to improve performance and their efficiency in the field and in the office. Currently all volunteers are furthering their education on their own costs and in-house training is provided. However, as we aim for sustainable development, more training needs have been identified and would need professional assistance.

You may assign your donation in cash or kind to a specific component, prooject or institution/individual. Therefore please contact us on [email protected].