Greentech Environmental Solutions GambiaSEED Awards 2011 Winner
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Coconut Planting

The Department of Forestry invited GreenTech to join their Coconut Palm planting event at Kotu Beach for the 12.08.2011. This event is part of the target to plant 100.000 coconut palms along the beach from Banjul to Kartong to secure the beach from erosion, mitigate climate change and to landscape the beach scenery.

GreenTech Management and staff, being dedicated to sustainable environmental solutions, welcomed the initiative and actively joined in. The Ministry of Forestry and the Environment, NEA, youth and women groups, as well as WWF supported the activity, hosted at Solomon’s Beach Bar. Representatives of the diverse institutions sensitized the participants about the important of trees and the challenges of climate change and beach erosion.

The youth group presented a joyful drama. As a highlight, the Minister of Forestry and the Environment, Honorable Jato Sillah, visited the event, highly encouraging the participants. It was a delightful and meaningful event and GreenTech will make all possible efforts to support more planting activities, as we fully believe: No Trees – no life!